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Life Ceremonies & General Photographic Brief

Spread across the website (on the following pages) we need a potpurri of pictures to convey Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals and christian life in general.

Some will be literal to get the message across very quickly and others will be more figurative offering a flavour. It’s worth noting that pictures here might not be an Anglican denomination. The pictures are just for ideas.

Some pictures will need to be setup and shot whereas others might come from photographers or free photo libraries. The issue with free photo libraries is that they are generally USA centric.

Doug Young has an excellent resource for most of the churches where we can access images that convey the history of the churches. He has agreed that we can use any of these images.

A credit to the photographers should be added at the foot of each website page and any copyright attribution added.

So below you will find galleries for Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals and general christian / faith images.


Baptisms / Christenings


Hope is not just for the person who has died, it’s for the people who remain behind. It gives us something to hold on to. We are surrounded by creation with signs of things that die and come back to life, and that’s a wonderful metaphor of hope. The Rev Juliet Stephenson

General christian / faith images