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22nd May 2022


LENT 2022


 Lent Course run by Canon Tim via Zoom.


7.30 – 9.00

Starting on 3rd March

Contact: send an email request to join, to –

Over six sessions we will explore biblical passages from Genesis, Exodus, Isaiah, Joel, and the Gospels, in the company of artworks ranging from medieval illuminated manuscripts to twenty-first century photo-realistic drawing. These will provide opportunities to reflect on divine provision in times of hardship and isolation, and to examine ourselves as individuals and communities in the light of God’s commandments and covenants.

Thursdays at 10.00am

There is a said celebration of Holy Communion

at St James Church every Thursday morning.

The Book of Common Prayer service

lasts little more than 30 minutes.

Here is an ideal way to order your day – before you set about the weekend shopping!

Meet the Team

Rev Stephen Cook

Team Rector

Rev Leigh Winsbury

Team Vicar

Rev Adrian Brook

Team Vicar


Rev Richard Bache

Team Curate


Ruth Cartlidge

Team Administrator