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FAQs about coming to church

Have you been thinking about coming to a church service or just curious about Christianity? Please read on…

About the service

Contemplation in Church
What actually happens in a service?
We have a page devoted to this question: What happens in a church service?
Why come to a church service?

To learn and grow in the Christian faith, to understand the Way of Christ better and better, to deepen our love of the Divine.

There is far more going on in church than can be easily explained. God meets each one of us where we are, and a church service is a place to meet the Divine in your own way, and meet with others who are on the same path as you.

The bible encourages people to meet together, and followers of Christ have been doing so ever since he walked the earth. Jesus said “Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there in their midst”, so please come along and see what that means for you.

And we have a page devoted to this question for the Christian Curious here: Why come to Church.

Coming to a service

Deciding On Your Christian Journey
Do your churches have parking?
Some do, some do not. Okehampton and Lydford, for example, have their own car parks. Choose the church you are interested in here and details will be on the appropriate page.
Are toilets available?
Some of our churches have a toilet, some do not. The best thing is to look at the page of the church where you are going here, and that will have the toilet information. 
As time goes on we are installing toilets in more of our churches, as we navigate the constraints of historic buildings along with raising the necessary funds.
What provision is made for the disabled?
Every church does its best to provide a form of access for wheelchairs and those with physical disabilities.
Our challenge is that most of our churches are listed, meaning they have very special and very strict laws around how they can be altered. We are working with specialists to make the buildings as accessible as possible and, while that is going on, many of the churches have temporary ramps available for wheelchair use. 
To find out the access details for your church of choice, go here and click on the church you wish to attend and the information will be there.
I have an invisible disability, can I be catered for?
Probably, though we do know what you need yet. If you have a Sunflower lanyard then most of our welcomers will recognise  that, and if you have a card detailing your condition/s then feel free to show it.
We also appreciate that some neurodivergent conditions include sensory issues. If it is important that you sit alone, make that plain if you would, or mark out areas around you. If you use noise canceling headphones, please feel free. There is often space at the back for people to sit or stand without feeling observed, if that is helpful.  It’s also a good place for watching what’s going on, if you are not sure about participating.
If you want someone to sit with you, again just ask.
Are your churches heated?
Generally yes, though some better than others. If you feel chilly, then feel free to keep our coat on.
Is there a dress code?
When you walk into one of our churches you will see a variety of people wearing a variety of clothing styles – as long as it’s not illegal or harming others you are fine.
Jesus was very strict about people who judge others, so a church should be the last place you feel judged on what you are wearing.
Also, you might see the ministers – the ones with white clerical collars (“dog collars”) often leading the service wearing different garb for different occasions. Sometimes they might just be in their usual clothes, but for many services they will wear ceremonial clothes that are for the appropriate season or Holy Day.
Are children welcome at church?
Jesus welcomed little children and so do we!  We are quite happy with noisy babies and are breastfeeding-friendly.
Children are very welcome in church and church services. Many say children are the church of the future – that is only partly true, because they are the church of today too. 
Some of our services have a children’s group (Sunday school, children’s church) running alongside, where children can engage with worship in an age-appropriate way. 
Our churches all have, at the very minimum, a little bag of children’s toys and resources, either for use in pews, or for playing with a familiar adult in a nearby space.  Some of our larger churches (Hatherleigh, Okehampton) have a permanent children’s area in the church, with toys, soft play, books and games.
Whichever option is on offer we always welcome your children, and anything they do (or noises they make!). We are all made in the image of God.
All our volunteers working with children and young people are DBS checked and undertake regular safeguarding training.